The swap meet page is designed for those looking for that special item for their Corvette or wishing to part with no longer needed items.

Use of this swap meet page is open to anyone of a non-commercial nature. In order to have your item listed, please send the following information us the "Contact Us" tab.

- Your name
- Your address (include street, city, state and zip code)
- Home phone number
- Cell phone number
- E-mail address

Your name and address will not be published in the ad unless requested. This information will be kept confidential by the web master. Once the item has been sold or purchased, please contact us so that we may remove your ad from the page. Items will be listed for a maximum of 90 days, at which time they will be removed from the swap meet page.

When writing your ad, please keep the description to 50 words or less. Include contact information that you want to publish (phone number and/or e-mail).

Disclaimer: By using this swap meet page, I agree to hold harmless Mid Florida Corvette Club, its officers, directors, and members of any false of misleading information posted therein. Any purchases, exchanges or other information gathered from this swap meet page is the sole responsibility of the potential buyers and sellers.

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